Avoiding The Freshman 15

Published on 03/05/2020

Freshman 15 is every college student’s worst nightmare. No one wants to get to college and put on weight, feel lousy or just unattractive. College is an exciting time in one’s life and is full of temptation, new schedules, routines but also a newfound independence. This new freedom is often what shakes us up an leads to unhealthy habits, let’s not forget the heaps of alcohol- these are al factors that result in weight gain. Here is the scoop on some easy tips and tricks to avoid the freshman 15.

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Avoiding the Freshman 15

Avoiding the freshman 15 is not so difficult to incorporate into your routine and is simply about moderation and balance. Firstly, it is important you are getting enough sleep- something very difficult in college. Catch up on those hours and ensure you get them in, this will keep your mind fresh, yes but also assists in bodily functions and energy levels which directly links to fat storage. Sleeping will ensure you skip those late-night snacks and at least 7 hours is imperative for your performance.

College’s have gyms right? Use them! take advantage and keep your fitness up, mix up activities and workouts so you don’t get bored and ensure you are getting as many steps in a day as possible. This one helps you destress and is good for your overall health. Working out after drinking or eating a bad meal is always a good idea but doesn’t mean you can pig out and just exercise a little. Balance, balance and more balance.

Moreover, drinking as much water as you can is very important. water is what keeps your body happy and healthy and may also ensure you are not just binge eating. You can always add a little flavor to your water if you are not a fan but it is important to stay hydrated before and after partying and just to cleanse your body.

Our last tip is eating in moderation. There is no one to tell you what to eat or to stop eating the cookies before you know it the bag is finished. Just keep an eye out on your portion sizes and set a few aside rather than taking the whole bag with you somewhere. Filling half your plate with vegetables is a good way to ensure you are not taking to much of the bad stuff and keeping your carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables balanced.