Working Despite Lack Of Sleep: Tips To Get Trough The Day

Published on 08/29/2021

Sleep experts say that lack of sleep creates an immediate deficit, both physically and mentally. Anyone who regularly falls short of their minimum need for sleep (around 8 hours for most people) disrupts the metabolism and risks illness. After only 48 hours without sleep, the ability to concentrate on the simplest things disappears, after three sleepless days, there are also hearing and vision difficulties as well as hallucinations. So sleep deprivation is a real show of strength for the body. However, if you have to go to work, you should stick to the following tips.

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Working Despite Lack Of Sleep: Tips To Get Trough The Day

Important Things First

In the morning our energy level is at its peak you should reserve this time to check off the really important points on the to-do list. From noon onwards, our performance curve drops even on well-rested days; if we don’t sleep, we feel this low even more clearly. Long meetings and important decisions or discussions (e.g. a salary negotiation) are not ideal today – all you need to do is postpone it.


Coffee is our friend and helper when the lack of sleep really kicks in. However, too much of a good thing is not good either. You should give the caffeine about 30 minutes before you empty several cups out of sheer desperation. Depending on how much coffee you consume regularly, your body may not respond as much to the caffeine kick.


Just starting at the monitor all day makes even sleepy people tired. In your situation, you should pay particular attention to movement. Avoid the elevator and walk as much as possible, work at a high table and take breaks to really get up. Fresh air (especially a walk outside) and a cool room also keep you fit.

Eat The Right Food

Anyone who challenges their body and mind due to lack of sleep should at least provide them with good fuel. Heavy food and an excess of carbohydrates create an insulin peak that must ultimately be followed by a down. Today it is better to choose healthy muesli than breakfast, a salad for lunch and a piece of fruit as a snack.

Don’t Fall For The Power Nap!

An afternoon nap is something nice! But you shouldn’t mean it too well. A maximum of 30 minutes contributes to more fitness, anything beyond that is counterproductive. You should avoid a deep sleep phase here, it belongs in the night. You can’t take a nap at work? A quarter of an hour of quiet music or a short meditation also has the same effect.

Be Friendly

Or rather: super friendly! Those who have not gotten enough sleep are more easily irritable, moody and take everything more personally. The potential for conflict at work is then particularly high! So make a special effort to be nice to your colleagues, then in the future, you will be forgiven for one or the other sleepless remark.