These Are The Home Repairs You Don’t Need A Pro For!

Published on 09/13/2022

Even novice DIYers can do many of these changes, which can help them save a ton of money. You might believe some house repairs are out of your league, but they aren’t!

Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room


How To Replace A Toilet

These DIY home renovation techniques will help you complete your project more quickly and with fewer issues, whether you’re replacing a toilet or removing the old one for a makeover and repairing it later so it doesn’t leak.

Refinish Your Own Hardwood

Are you intimidated by this project’s apparent difficulty? Never be. The hardwood floors in the main rooms of your home can be refinished if you have the motivation and a whole day (or two) to yourself. Although you don’t absolutely need to sand, if the floor is sufficiently damaged to merit buffing, visit your neighborhood hardware store and rent the necessary equipment for anywhere between four and forty-eight hours.

Fix A Patchy Lawn

It need not be a daily battle to maintain a green grass. Additionally, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to have a lawn service spray chemicals all over your yard. Knowing what to feed your lawn and when to feed it is really all there is to growing healthy, green grass.

Garbage Disposal Repair

When a garbage disposal is switched on and the blades are noisily slicing up kitchen waste, it can be a little frightening. But don’t worry if your disposal starts to smell. Cleaning out the debris and getting rid of the odor is simple. You can replace the splash guard in 20 minutes if it needs to be done. You can change the disposal entirely on your own if you need to.

Fix A Smelly Dishwasher

By removing food leftovers from the tub and running a dishwasher cleaner through a cycle, you can stop unpleasant dishwashing scents. An easy DIY home improvement is to fix a smelly dishwasher.

Fix Loud Cabinet Doors

Are you sick of hearing the cabinet doors slam shut? Kitchen cabinets that are too loud can be silenced with peel-and-stick door and drawer bumpers. For a few bucks, you can purchase a pack of 20 at a home store or on Place one bumper in the top corner and another in the bottom, making sure the rear of the door is spotless so they will stay.

How To Replace Auto Lights

The taillight, stop, turn signal, backup, and headlight bulbs in cars are the ones that burn out the most frequently. However, there are a lot of other bulbs in a car that also need your attention. We’ll demonstrate here how to change the automobile light bulbs that frequently burn out and can impair your driving safety.

Foam A Loose Showerhead

Here is a quick remedy for the house that can be applied elsewhere. With a few sprays of expanding foam, you can straighten up a shaky showerhead or any shaky pipe. Your showerhead will function as it did when it was new because the foam encases the pipe in the wall and secures it in place, removing the wobbling. Do you know of a simpler DIY fix?

How to Cover Up a Ceiling Stain

Utilize KILZ’s Upshot spray-on solution to cover up stubborn ceiling water stains. It has a vertical spray tip and is blended to look like an old ceiling, which makes installation simple. Before you spray, spread a drop cloth on the floor and tape plastic to the walls.

Circuit Breakers

When installing other appliances, power switches and breakers frequently get unintentionally switched off. To make sure the problem isn’t as straightforward as needing to turn a switch back on, it is advised for homeowners to inspect their circuit breakers. Although a circuit breaker is often placed in the garage, it may also be found in some homes’ basements, hallways, or storage spaces.

Weatherstripping Is Easy

Air is leaving if you can see light squeezing under outside doors. Grab some self-adhesive rubber foam weatherstripping and start weatherstripping all of the doors that lead outside. Despite having installed weatherstripping, your gas bill is still excessive. The strips that the previous owners put in might need to be replaced. Fortunately, installing weatherstripping yourself is simple.

How To Unclog Clogged Drains

You can unclog most clogged drains by removing hair or sticky gunk from them. Grab a plunger instead of a chemical drain cleaner to unclog the drain and save money on service calls. Even severe drain clogs deep within your plumbing system can be cleared up without a professional. Another important DIY skill is knowing how to prevent drain clogs in the first place.