3 Of The Most Interesting Careers In Psychology

Published on 03/11/2020

Thinking of pursuing a career within the field of Psychology? Well, there are many amazing areas within psychology that you can choose from. As the sphere of psychology is so diverse, the job opportunities are endless! Having a career within the field of psychology is definitely one that is not only rewarding but definitely fascinating.
Keep scrolling to see what are the 3 most interesting careers in psychology that you should consider!



Sports Psychologist

Sports Psychology is an area of study which is still fairly new. It is the study of how psychology affects sports, exercise and athletic performance. Essentially, a sports psychologist is someone who provides emotional support to the athletes, very much like an emotional coach. Although this field draws many aspects from other areas of psychology, more emphasis is put on to the psychological features of the game rather than the actual physical side. A big component of the job includes assisting athletes to overcome concerns such as performance anxiety, experiencing a lack of motivation a poor communication or even extreme stress. If you are one who especially has a great interest in sports, then becoming a sports psychologist could be an excellent career choice.

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is an area of psychology that concentrates on the combination of psychology and law, and it also has an important part in understanding criminal behavior as well as preventing crimes. Forensic psychologists are able to work in various spaces, these include, police stations, law firms, prisons, jails, and juvenile detention and rehabilitation centers, just to name a few. This is considered to be one of the most interesting career opportunities to date. So, if you have a unique yet investigative and logical personality then this is a great career opportunity for you.


Neuropsychology is a branch of clinical psychology that is related to the relationship between the human brain and how people behave. Most neuropsychologists engage in research, studying the human brain and how its physiological state influence human cognition and behavior. A lot of the research conducted is focused on improving the diagnosis and treatment that relate to neurological disorders. This is a remarkably specialized field of study that offers an exclusive career path.