These Are The 5 Healthiest Sports For Everyone

Published on 04/12/2022

The recurring question always arises: Which sport would be most suitable? Individual preferences aside, let’s take a look at which sports are generally best for the human body.

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These Are The 5 Healthiest Sports For Everyone

Squash, Tennis and Badminton

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but in fact many experts and researchers agree that squash (and the other racquet sports) is one of the healthiest sports out there. One would initially assume that the short, quick stopping movements are rather unhealthy because they affect the joints and also promote sports accidents such as ligament strains and tears. This is certainly not entirely wrong, but according to a much-cited study published by an international team of researchers in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, and for which 80,000 people were examined, squash is the healthiest sport in first place – like racquet sports in general. For example, the general risk of death and the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease were examined. Compared to non-athletes, the general risk of death in racket athletes was 47% lower, and the risk of cardiovascular disease was even 56% lower – an immensely high value.


Less surprising, however, is that swimming is considered an extremely healthy sport. The low stress on the joints is particularly noteworthy when swimming because the pressure on the joints is minimized by the water. Therefore, from a health point of view, swimming is particularly recommended for many people. At the same time, regular swimming strengthens the heart, improves endurance, relieves back pain and joint problems and, at least with varying swimming styles, also strengthens a whole range of different muscles.


Also at the forefront of the healthiest sports: yoga, logically – not just in terms of the body, but in terms of the mind. It is therefore not surprising that yoga is also used as an effective tool in psychotherapy, because yoga has been shown to help reduce anxiety and alleviate depression. In particular, the combination of physical and breathing exercises, inner reflection, relaxation, and often also nutritional recommendations makes yoga, if practiced correctly and seriously, one of the healthiest sports of all – because it is a holistic sport and the effects go far beyond the time-limited, individual yoga units.


Provided you secure yourself properly and don’t fall, climbing is also an excellent sport from a health point of view. Here, too, almost every muscle is required: stretched, stretched, tense – which means that muscles are built up throughout the body, which at the same time prevents complaints such as back pain. Of course, climbing in the great outdoors is particularly great, but the climbing hall is of course also suitable – and it also brings a social component into play.


And finally, a somewhat unconventional sport: chess – one that many people only pass through as a sport to a limited extent. Nevertheless: Even if you mostly sit around quietly while playing chess, it is considered a sport – and is incredibly healthy. What is hard to believe: you burn about as many calories in a game of chess as in a game of soccer – because your brain is running at full speed. Other advantages of the royal game: Brain growth, both hemispheres are used, IQ increase, Alzheimer’s prevention, it promotes creativity, planning and problem-solving skills, trains the memory, etc. Therefore: In addition to physical activities, don’t forget to play chess!