5 Sports That Are Good For Your Heart

Published on 02/12/2023

High blood pressure cannot only be treated with medication. Sports can also lower the values. Even the change from the lack of movement to light sporting activity offers a benefit for your health. Sport trains the heart and improves the absorption of oxygen. It is best to challenge your heart every day. Even if it’s already weakened. In the past, patients with insufficiency should take it easy. However, studies show that sport can increase performance by up to 25 percent. According to the German Heart Foundation, sports that require little physical efforts such as cycling, hiking and walking are suitable. Before you start exercising, however, you should do a test with your doctor.

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5 Sports That Are Good For Your Heart


“Exercise that involves moderate endurance work is particularly good for the cardiovascular system,”. Small hikes are usually possible at the place of residence and in the immediate vicinity. Those who are fit enough through regular hikes can also dare to tackle longer distances on vacation.
In general, every hypertensive patient should first consult their doctor before starting a new sport. This checks the physical resilience and can give recommendations for the duration and intensity of the sport.

Nordic Walking

Fast walking with two sticks is particularly useful for those with joint problems. The gentle fitness training strengthens the heart and circulation and increases fitness. And don’t worry, handling the two walking sticks can be learned quickly and easily. Because Nordic Walking is based on the normal human gait, which the sticks only support.

To Go Biking

Physical exertion is easy to dose and can be easily adapted to the individual level of performance. Almost everyone can already ride a bike, there is no need to attend special courses. Also, most people have a bike in their basement or garage. This makes getting started easy.


A US research group, for example, recently demonstrated that swimming benefits high-pressure patients. She proved that the blood pressure of untrained older people can be reduced by about 10 mmHg (mmHg = millimeters of mercury, a unit of measure for blood pressure). To do this, the researchers compared two sports groups. One did relaxation and stretching exercises, the other went swimming. Only among the water sports enthusiasts did blood pressure drop after three months.

Weight Training

In addition to endurance training, the Heart Foundation recommends moderate strength training. “Because greater muscle mass improves metabolism, among other things,” the experts know. Important: do the strength training only in moderate doses. So don’t aim for bodybuilding in the gym or use heavy weights. Otherwise, dangerous overloading of the cardiovascular system can occur. Also avoid forced breathing if possible.