12 Amazing Christmas Gifts That Cost Less Than $25

Published on 07/24/2019
12 Amazing Christmas Gifts Under $25

12 Amazing Christmas Gifts Under $25

While the holidays are a time of joy and cheer, there are some things that can still be somewhat stressful. All the packing and organizing, getting ready for exams… Another thing that can be stressful is figuring out how on earth to get everyone gifts without going broke. It can be a bit of a challenge finding nice gifts for a reasonable price. For that reason, we’ve gathered 12 ideas of gifts that won’t cost you more than $25. And believe us, these gifts will make anyone happy when they receive them.


This may sound like a simple gift, but let’s be honest, what could be better than a burning candle on a cold winter night? It makes the room feel comfy and warm and, of course, the scent just completes the calm and serene feeling. It’s the perfect winter gift. You can find a wide variety of Christmas-themed candles on Bath & Body Works in several sizes. The largest size costs $24.99 and will last you a while.

Measuring Set

This gorgeous copper measuring set is a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking or baking. They’re sleek and stylish and the price tag isn’t bad either – $24.99. The set includes 9 pieces and each one is engraved with its amount. Honestly, these measuring utensils are as stylish as they can get. Not to mention how useful they are to have. You can find them on Amazon.

Cozy Blanket

Another Amazon gift that is more than worth its price: a cozy blanket. Nothing says winter like a fluffy and warm blanket to wear while watching TV. This one is just $23.99 and you can even wash it in your washing machine. This particular one is sold by the Connecticut Home Company and it comes in five different colors to choose from. We’re pretty sure anyone would be ecstatic to get a plush blanket as a gift this Christmas.

Water Bottle

This might just be the most useful gift anyone could have – a sturdy stainless steel water bottle. It comes in many colors and designs to choose from as well as three different sizes. Don’t fret about the price, the biggest one is $20.95 and will hold 25oz. You can find this MIRA bottle on Amazon. Besides for its cool design, this water bottle will also keep your drink cold for hours and the same for hot drinks!

Hot Chocolate

A classic holiday drink, hot chocolate is a great stocking stuffer! This little kit is so easy to use and it will make anyone’s day. You can find Popbar’s 6-pack on Amazon for just $19.99. If you want to be a little crafty, you can even make some yourself and mix things up with different toppings.

Laptop Holder

For any college student, carrying a laptop around can be somewhat of a pain. This bag is the perfect solution, which is what makes it such a good gift. It comes in three different sizes and a variety of colors too. The biggest size will cost you $19.99. You can find this on Amazon, sold by ProCase.

Fuzzy Socks

Another favorite, fuzzy socks are such a great gift for Christmas. On Amazon, you can find these Loritta socks in a pack of 5 for just $15.99. They come in several colors in each pack, so they will make your outfits so much more fun.

Stress Ball

We all know and dislike the stress of studying and keeping up with schoolwork. As you would expect, it can get seriously stressful at times. So this stress ball is an awesome gift for just about any college student. To make it even better, it’s shaped like a man in a fetal position. We think it’s rather fitting. You can find it on Amazon for $12.30. A small price for stress relief, if you ask us.

Sheet Mask Set

Let’s face it, most of us can’t afford a professional facial or a proper spa day, right? So here we have a budget-friendly option we can gift our friends (and ourselves) this Christmas to feel as if we just got home from the spa. This sheet mask set is perfect for day-to-day use as it has a different mask for each day of the week. One set that will last you a week will cost $21.86. You can get this awesome set on Amazon from reskin.

Hair Drying Gloves

This little gem from Upper Canada on Amazon will make your hair so much happier. It’s great as a gift since it’s so useful it would work for everyone. It’s one of those things that people don’t think of buying for themselves a lot of the time, and once they get it as a gift, they can’t live without it. We are talking about these hair drying gloves. Aside from the fact that they’re purple and fuzzy, they will speed up the hair-drying process significantly and make your life that much easier. A pair will cost you $12.34.

Portable Speaker

Everyone can appreciate a useful gift like this portable A2 LENRUE Bluetooth speaker. Not to mention it only costs $12.99 and looks cool too. To top it off, there are a bunch of colors to choose from, so treat someone you care about this Christmas!

Makeup Brush Set

This UNIMEIX 15-piece makeup brush set is a fantastic gift for the makeup lover in your life. Not only is it wonderfully designed, but it will only cost you $13.98. All these wonderful gifts go to show that no matter the price, you can always make your loved ones feel special this Christmas!