Say Goodbye To Classes And Hello To College Winter Break

Published on 07/27/2019

Congratulations…you did it! You have successfully finished the first half of your school year! After all of those exams, quizzes and essays, we bet you’re ready for a much-needed break. Good thing winter vacation is upon us! Most universities and college across the U.S. give students around a month off…so enjoy it!
Whether you’re planning to travel with family and friends, or have nothing but relaxation on your radar, all we ask is that you de-stress and truly enjoy this time off…you deserve it! We’ve compiled a list of fun things to do on your vacation. Whether you’ve done them before, or they’re totally new, trust us…they’ll be worth your while!

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Say Goodbye To Classes And Hello To College Winter Break

Take A Roadtrip With Friends

What’s better than catching up with old friends while embarking on an exciting adventure? Round up your friends and plan a trip! Whether you go camping, skiing, or plan to explore a big city, the new environment will do you wonders! And so will the bonding time with your best buds. Split the gas bill and check out or Airbnb for lodging steals!

Go To A Museum

Museums are a great way to learn new information in a fun way. The best thing about them is that they’re normally pretty inexpensive and they also have student discounts. There are art museums, history museums, sports museums…the options are endless!

Take A Yoga Class

Yoga is an amazing practice for the mind, body and soul. Head to your local gym and sign up for a class, or grab your computer and log onto YouTube. All you need is comfortable clothing and an open mind. The stretching, deep breathing and mindfulness will leave you stress-free and feeling like a brand-new person! Don’t want to go it alone? Invite a friend to join your exercise session.

Read A Book

We’re not talking about a textbook or that boring history novel you had to read in class…we’re talking about pleasure reading. Go to your local library, or book store and pick out an easy-read that interests you. You’ll keep your mind sharp and enjoy the relaxing pastime.

Go To The Mall & Treat Yourself

As we all know, university is no easy feat; applaud yourself for all of the hard work! Take it a step further and head to the nearest mall or shopping center. We’re not advising you to drop hundreds of dollars, but it’s important to indulge here and there, and what’s better than awarding yourself for all of the hard work? Buy that new scarf you’ve been eyeing, or those cool new headphones…treat yourself!

Get A Massage Or Facial

All that stress has surely impacted your muscles or pores, or both! A massage will effectively ease your muscles of the unwanted pain, while a massage will hydrate and cleanse your stressed-out skin. Check out Groupon for deals in your local area.

We hope you try at least one of these ideas during your Winter Break, or two, or three! Whatever your vacation entails, be sure to have fun, smile loads, and give yourself a thumbs up, you’re done!…until next term…