5 Misconceptions About College Life Debunked

Published on 08/04/2019
5 Misconceptions About College Life Debunked

5 Misconceptions About College Life Debunked

We’ve all watched movies about college. My personal favorite was the American Pie series – it was ridiculous and cringy at so many points, but it was hilarious! What we see in the movies is obviously not reality, at least for the most part. We’re here to discuss some of the most common college life misconceptions. Shall we?

Everyone Gets Drunk And Parties

Blaring music and a sea of red plastic cups spilling over everything seems like college is only about keg stands and beer pong. Of course if you’d like your college experience to be like a scene from Beerfest, you can totally make that happen. However, you’ll learn that there are just as many people who are interested in just ordering in food and binge-watching Maniac.

Dorm Rooms Are Jail Cells

The impression I was given was that my dorm room would be just like a jail cell. Small, cold, without any light, and shared with someone who was put there without their consent. I was completely surprised when I saw my room. Sure, it wasn’t the presidential suite at The Ritz, but it was something I could turn into my own temporary home. College dorm rooms can be a wonderful place to put up pictures, paint the walls and decorate just the way you like. You can’t do that in prison, can you?

Everyone Has To Pull All-Nighters

When I went to college I took it for granted that I would have to pull endless all-nighters. Whether it was a paper I would need to finish, or an exam I would need to study for, burning the midnight oil seemed like an obligation. The truth is that you can actually prevent this from happening and make sure you get ample shut-eye most nights of the week. College timetables are usually more flexible than high school schedules, so spread out your study and work time and reap the benefits by getting in your forty winks.

You’ll Instantly Become An Adult

Yeah, so you’ve left your parents’ house and you’ve made it into the big bad world… or kind of. You have taken a step closer to becoming the grown-up that you always aspired to be, but you need to understand that it’s not an instant change. You’re now responsible for making sure your laundry is washed, your dinner is cooked and your doctor’s appointments are made. Just remember that it will take time to adjust, so don’t expect it all to be smooth and instant.

You Should Have A TV In Your Room

It might seem like a great idea to have a TV in your room so that you always have something to do. In reality, a television will only make you antisocial. When something is going on, you’ll always have an excuse to “watch one more episode”, and it’s really not worth it. College is an excellent opportunity to make friends and explore new interests – TV won’t help that.